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My Results 

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Summer 2014 Release Times

Please note: The timetable shown below only applies to those students who have received an email (early March) about the release of their results.

If you have not received an email about the release of your results, you will not be able to view them according to this timetable.

If you have any queries please contact your School Office in the first instance.
School Name Release Date Release Time
Human and Health Sciences 24 June 2014 09:00
Applied Sciences 24 June 2014 10:00
Computing and Engineering 24 June 2014 11:00
Business School (HUBS) 24 June 2014  12:00
Music, Humanities and Media 24 June 2014  13:00
SEPD / Art, Design and Architecture 24 June 2014 14:00
Off Campus Results Release 24 June 2014 15:00
All Resit Results 30 July 2014 09:00